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Border-Solutions-Alliance-logo_cropped.pngWho We Are

Cities along the U.S.-Mexico border face an increasingly complex set of challenges related to health, energy, infrastructure, environment, productivity and the movement of goods and people. The Border Solutions Alliance, building on the Smart and Connected Communities framework, will foster collaboration among academic institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and industry partners on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. Research collaborations established during workshops in San Diego and El Paso, followed by a convocation in Washington, DC, will lead to the development and implementation of smart-technology solutions for long-standing trans-border community issues.  


The Alliance is a collaboration among five U.S. universities located in the U.S.-Mexico border region:


This Fall, UC San Diego was the first University in the Border Solutions Alliance to host a Virtual Data Challenge in which diverse groups of individuals from the U.S. and Mexico teamed up to solve several challenges that the pandemic has created for the border region.

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Convocation: Data-Driven Discovery at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Thursday, February 6 | National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

During this convocation, the Border Solutions Alliance highlighted opportunities for innovation in data-driven research in science and engineering at the intersection of technology and society that emerged during the workshops.

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San Diego/ Tijuana – June 5-7, 2019

Invited attendees will participate in breakout sessions on urban-rural resilience, advanced manufacturing and intelligent mobility. A transversal theme of the workshop is the importance of developing a cross-border STEM talent pipeline.

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El Paso – June 10-12, 2019

Invited attendees will participate in breakout sessions on water and sewage management, healthcare, and disaster management and resilience.

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